Love the City

Designing Dublin 2.0 –
12 multi-disciplinary people
6 months of learning
1 city centre location
0 boundaries

Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn is…

A Learning initiative
Mixing volunteers with City Council staff
Applying design processes and tools
Action-packed and solution-driven
Rigorous and iterative
About leadership and entrepreneurship
Real and transparent
Engaging citizens in conversation and participation
Using Dublin as a living laboratory

Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn is a Design Twentyfirst Century project, supported by the Creative Dublin Alliance in partnership with Dublin City Council.

Between September and November 2009, Design Twentyfirst Century ran the first Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn project, entitled ‘Finding the Hidden Potential of Place’ in Clongriffin, located in Dublin’s North Fringe.

Over the course of the twelve weeks the team followed a project path that involved research, ideation, project identification and prototyping with the residents of Clongriffin.

The project outcomes were…

500 people contributed to defining the project
17 people joined the team
1700 ideas were produced
18 concepts were sketched
5 projects were developed
300 residents engaged in the projects
20 residents became project champions
1 developer engaged in the projects
1 team member started a new business
1 team member re-energized a start-up business through the new skills
1 team member started a PhD in citizenship engagement and social spaces
1 team member returned to the private sector and applied her skills to her projects
3 team members returned to the public sector and challenged the system
5 team members formed an innovation laboratory
1 collaborator started a new business
1 business network was established

To learn more about how the team worked and the project outcomes, watch our video and visit the Designing Dublin blog

Love the City

After the success of the first project, ‘Finding the Hidden Potential of Place’, Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn (DD:LL) were asked by Dublin City Council to undertake a second project on Dublin’s City Centre.

Between March and May of 2010, some team members from DD:LL 1.0 project, undertook the discovery phase of the City Centre project.

The only parameter that the team was given was the knowledge that the number of people using the City Centre has declined in recent years. DD:LL 1.0 was tasked with finding ways to make the City Centre a more vibrant, appealing and transparent place for a wider and more diverse range of visitors, dwellers, shoppers, urban enthusiasts, etc.

For thirteen weeks the team studied the City Centre. They became familiar with it’s complexities, diversity, challenges, and possibilities. They remembered the City Centre character, appeal, urban space and became familiar with existing and new initiatives that offer opportunities for small and large change; as well as the generosity and curiosity of the people who wander in and out of the City Centre.

They concluded that the only way to undertake the massive task of re-invigorating the City Centre, is to start by inspiring people to become re-aware of the City Centre’s offerings while providing people with urban experiences that are care-free, delightful, safe and about discovery.

This is why the project is called Love the City.

Download the Love the City book.
(There are eleven sections.)

00 Opening Section
01 Imaging City
02 Understanding City
03 Reviewing City
04 Ideating City
05 Listening Group
06 Ten Challenges
06a People City
07 Project Matching
08 Mapping City
09 Love the City